The paintings depict Child Explotation,
atrocities kept secret!


Made for America
employed prisoners


Pastel painting by an Anonyous contibuting Artist

Insiped from watching a young Asian lady on CNN

who worked under harsh conditions

to make clothing to be sold in  Walmart  stores

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Where is Humanity?

Something is horribly wrong when a country cares

more about its profit than it's children.

When children are viewed

as nothing more than a commodity or a sex implement

- Someone needs to step in and say:"Enough is enough!" 

I thank God for everyone who fights

against this evil injustice in the world.


The Artists give permission to organization's

to use these paintings free of charge

whose goal is to fight against Child exploitation.

 V.O.I.C.E. will give FREE print's

(8.5" X 11" - or smaller) upon request.

Professional Cartoonist - Artist - Author - Minister and Christian Intuitive
" To serve the Lord is my hearts desire,
and serve others that they will know Him"



 Above painting

by Dee Landerman

Children forced to reach in boiling water

to feel the silk worm cacoons.


Church Murals
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Church murals painted on site 

or canvas

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Fight against Child Exploitation
Art Landerman - Artist
America - Why USA have cheap prices!


Visual Outcry Illustrating Child Exploitation

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Art Landermans Web Site


Painted by Art Landerman

What it Cost Children

for Cheap Products in America

With hearts for God

Right - Art Landerman

Left - Anonymous Artist

 Bottom - Sharon Brimlee 

God Bless the Artists who came forward and used their talent in fighting against Child exploitation and slavery!


"Soccer Ball's"

Painted by Sharon Brimlee

Children enslavery conditions

making toys for American children






Paintings by Dee Landerman

(above) Horrible physical & sexual abuse in factories,

(below) Sugar cane & argriculture.

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